Eavestroughs help to prevent mold growth, deck and foundation damage, ice buildups, wet basements and landscape destruction. When the build up of debris in your gutter prevents rapid water runoff, the effectiveness of this system is greatly compromised and also creates the perfect breeding environment for mosquitos. Eavestroughs are part of your home’s rainwater management system that evacuates water collected by the roof and redirects it away from your home.

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What are the benefits of buying PVC Fascia, Soffit?
• Soffit, fascia and rainware not only add the finishing touch to a home’s exterior, they offer protection from the extreme weather —
particularly melting snow and ice. PVC Fascia, Soffits, Gutter and other PVC House Improvement Products are Low Maintenance. • PVC does not have to be re-painted.
• Fit and Forget
• PVC Building-Products improves the overall look of your house and adds value

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Solid vinyl siding tested and proven to outperform other leading brands.
We offer:
• Vinyl, aluminum, wood siding, special Prodigy
• Available in 16 different colors profile: 4″, 4 and ½”, 5″
• Board and Batten siding, insulation 1/2-1″, custom made fascia, soffit vented and plain
• Fish scale and cedar shake.
• With or without insulation.
• A full range of quality accessories to provide unrivalled full colour coordination of your home.
• Withstands all weather even hail and UV rays.
• Controlled pliability for strength with resilience.
• All products meet and exceed industry standards.
• 12 contemporary colours stay beautiful and bright for the life of your home.



Windows installation for your home.

Our window and door installers are trained professionals. Their goal is to ensure that the quality of your installation exceeds both industry standards and your high expectations. They will remove your old windows and doors, install your new ones and even take away all of the resulting debris. All you’ll do is smile as you look through your beautiful new FM vinyl windows and doors.


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